Kickr Academy plays on despite the ice


Despite a Finsbury Park which looked more like a frozen Narnia than a familiar N4, Kickr Academy played an end-of-term match yesterday against our friends at Social Sports Mix. Both groups were mixed men and women, and Kickr Academy had some of our hardiest beginners and intermediates.

There was mud, ice and snow and most of Kickr Academy's players were slipping about the place in trainers which, even now, are caked in several layers of Finsbury-park goop. We lost pretty badly (the score was about 4 or 5 to 1!) but everyone had a great time, and really appreciated the hot cholocate in The Park cafe afterwards!

Social Sports Mix is a fun, mixed, weekly kickabout, where the focus is more on fun and socialising than it is on sporting excellence. You can find them on among other places.

Kickr Academy runs London's only adult beginners football school, with 10 week courses for beginners and intermediates.

Rob Levy