Football and Fitness for Beginners
 Coach Jasper Kain shows our members a thing or two about ball control...

Kickr Academy

Football and fitness for beginners

When you did football at school, the chances are you stood around glumly while the other kids ran rings around you. Your only shot at being involved probably consisted of a hard, wet football slap in the face. The other kids' parents had probably shown them the ropes from the age of two. But if you weren't so lucky, then you were excluded from football at a crazily young age.

But we think that football should be for everyone. Even for those who never played at school.

Kickr Academy is a 10 week course for absolute beginners. We'll get you started with the absolute basics that no one ever taught you: How do you kick the ball? Where are you supposed to stand when you haven't got the ball? How can you avoid being tackled by your 6-year-old nephew?

There's a fitness angle to each lesson too. Each week, you'll learn a footballing skill (ball control, passing, tackling etc.), get the chance to practice it in a fun way, and have a period of fitness training to turn you from wheezing no-hoper to twinkle-toed Gazza in no time.

You'll be coached by Jasper Kain, co-founder of the award-winning Football Beyond Borders.


We play outdoors on a brand-new floodlit astroturf pitch near Manor House.

Skinners' Academy
Katherine Close
London N4 1SY

Tube: A very short walk from Manor House tube. It's just past The Finsbury pub, which is also where we go afterwards for "refreshments".

Car: There's actually a nice big car park so if you're really lazy, driving is possible.


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